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(Code example Raspberry Pi)
(Code example Raspberry Pi)
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To start, enther the command:
To start, enter the command:
<pre class="brush:bash">sudo python KY-034_7-color-led-flash-module_RPi.py
<pre class="brush:bash">sudo python KY-034_7-color-led-flash-module_RPi.py

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Technical data / Short description

If you connect this module with a power supply, a LED will light up which changes its colour automatically. It includes 7 different colours.

Voltage range: 3,3V - 5V


3 G NC S.png

Code example Arduino

This code example shows how you can switch a LED on for 4 seconds and than off for 2 seconds via defined output pin.

int Led = 13;

void setup ()
  pinMode (Led, OUTPUT); // Initialization of the LED output pin

void loop () // main program loop
  digitalWrite (Led, HIGH); // LED will be switched on
  delay (4000); // waitmode for 4 seconds
  digitalWrite (Led, LOW); // LED will be switched off
  delay (2000); // waitmode for another 2 seconds

Connections Arduino:

Sensor Signal = [Pin 13]
Sensor [N.C] =
Sensor GND = [Pin GND]

Example program download:


Code example Raspberry Pi

Example in the language python

# Needed modules will be imported and configured
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
# Declaration of the input pin which is connected with the sensor.
# Additional to that the pull up resistor from the input will be activated.
LED_PIN = 24
GPIO.setup(LED_PIN, GPIO.OUT, initial= GPIO.LOW)
print "LED-Test [press ctrl+c to end]"

# main program loop
        while True:
                print("LED is on for 4 seconds")
                GPIO.output(LED_PIN,GPIO.HIGH) #LED will be switched on
                time.sleep(4) # Waitmode for 4 seconds
                print("LED is off for 2 Sekunden") 
                GPIO.output(LED_PIN,GPIO.LOW) #LED will be switched off
                time.sleep(2) # Waitmode for another 2 seconds
# Scavenging work after the end of the program
except KeyboardInterrupt:

Connections Raspberry Pi:

Sensor Signal = GPIO24 [Pin 18]
Sensor [N.C] =
Sensor GND = GND [Pin 6]

Example program download


To start, enter the command:

sudo python KY-034_7-color-led-flash-module_RPi.py